Monday, July 16, 2012

A favor and a promise

To my dear readers:

I know you're out there, and I've been so overwhelmed by your generosity in response to my recent postings on PPD and all the glories of newborn parenting. Thank you.

I wanted to take the opportunity to invite you to adopt a new link in your daily internet habit: Heroic News.

I edit this wonderful news site and am finding stories everyday that are inspiring, troubling, sometimes shocking...but oh so necessary to distill for wider consumption by the general public.

If you will add Heroic News to your daily internet habit, I promise you will have a broader, deeper, and yes - sometimes more disturbing - picture of the culture we're living in. The culture we're building our careers and raising our families in.

It is so vitally important that the average person be informed on 'life issues' today. Technology and social policy are advancing so rapidly that most times, we're too busy asking can it be done? to stop and ask the more fundamental question: Should it be done?

So I invite you to visit Heroic News daily for the most comprehensive coverage of the most critical issues facing our culture today: abortion, human trafficking, stem cell research and cloning, euthanasia, contraceptives and reproductive technology, and the assault on the traditional family.

You can follow Heroic News via e-newsletter by clicking here and signing up for a daily dose, or you can simply visit our website at

Tell your friends! Tell your family! Tell your pastor or rabbi! Tell that guy at work who sends you weird headlines from obscure websites every day! Just be sure you visit.

(And be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.)

My mom reads Heroic News.
Because Life Wins.




  1. ALready follow you on the Twitter and (I think) stodgy old Facebook. But I will add the website to my daily blogroll!

  2. Ooh. I can't wait to subscribe. I love good sites like this. Thank you and praying for you still :)


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