Friday, March 2, 2012

Drinking before noon

Well it ain't Grey Goose, but I suppose it will do. For now.

4 weeks and counting. (But who's counting?)

P.s. Prune juice everywhere this morning. Ev-ry-where. What a terrible, terrible beverage to be serving a flailing toddler on a daily.

P.p.s. per Grace's wisdom I've disabled the dreaded word verification, so all you robots who were perhaps put off by my virtual barricade and chomping at the bit to comment: fire away.

Here's hoping one super creepy and vulgar e-stalker from the Lonestar state doesn't find his way back round these here parts...


  1. Why why why does your blog never show in my reader?!

    Bleeping google.

    But it is a treat to have lots of posts to read!

    I think my post sounded angry - sorry! I was writing it to the tune of two tyrants screaming it out in unison while simon slept peacefully.

    Maybe I was a teeny bit angry.

  2. I think I effectively sabotaged my readership by changing blog names AAAAAND addresses. So rookie.

    And you didn't sound angry, just wise...wise I tell you!


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