Thursday, October 29, 2009

Breast Cancer and the Pill: Do your Homework

I've included some links for further research on the bc/Pill connection. Ladies: read these studies and share their results with women whom you love. Refuse to be complicit in the destruction of a generation, and for God's sake ask QUESTIONS in your doctor's office.


  1. Last night on a re-run of "Dr. G's Medical Examiner" there was a young woman who died because of a blood clot. The blood clot was most likely formed because the woman had just started using the Pill.

    According to Dr.G's research, colitis caused by blood clotes in women in their 30s is a side effect of The Pill.

    When will people come to their senses about this harmful thing?

  2. But this "harmful" thing is your religious fantasy. Botox and boob jobs have been linked to more stuff than the pill. While this one death is important to her and her family, I suspect it is statistically insignificant compared to other medications.


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